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Songwriters: T. Murphy / C. Landon
Track Produced & Mixed By: Chris Landon
Vocals Performed, Arranged & Produced by: Taryn Murphy


Almost Sorry (Freedom Mix)

Disrespecting me I feel it to the core
You keep dismissing me like I am nothing more
Then just another little girl to push around
It don’t matter what I say you’re all the same
I’ve endured more
Then your ego could ever survive
Confident, I’m in control, and it’s my life

I’m almost sorry for you
You don’t know what you’re getting into
I’m not sorry for the things I do
But I’m almost sorry
I’m almost sorry for you
You don’t know what you’re getting into
You won’t know me till you know the truth
And I’m almost sorry… for you

I’m so tired of everything being a fight
If you would listen you would see sometimes I’m right
Hate the fact that my life’s one big defense
And it’s all because of people like you and…
I’ve endured more
Then you will ever, ever know
You make no effort to know me
That’s cause’ you’re too busy messing with me

Despite what you think I’m not desperate
Cause I don’t need you, I’ve still got it
Give me some respect and you might get it
Why don’t you try it sometime… sometime

Repeat Chorus:

It's time I find my way
I'll never feel this way again
because it's time that I let go
Of all the damage that you've done